Current Group Members

Postdoctoral associates
Kero Lau Kero Lau Peter Groszkowski Peter Groszkowski
Graduate Students
Alexander Mcdonald Alexander McDonald Ph.D. student, Physics Yuxin Wang Yuxin Wang Ph.D. student, IME
David Roberts David Roberts Ph.D. student, Physics

Former Group Members

Former Students (and where they went after leaving)
Catherine Leroux Catherine Leroux M.Sc. 2018
Martin Houde Martin Houde Ph.D. 2018
Mikhail Mamaev Mikhail Mamaev M.Sc. 2017
Marc-Antoine Lemonde Marc-Antoine Lemonde Ph.D. 2016
Ben Levitan Ben Levitan M.Sc. 2015
Saeed Khan Saeed Khan M.Sc. 2014
Chris Chamberland Christopher Chamberland M.Sc. 2014
(supervised with B. Coish)
Catherine Laflamme Catherine Laflamme M.Sc. 2012
Carolyn Young Carolyn Young Ph.D. 2011
Jamie Gardner Jamie Gardner M.Sc. 2011
Steve Bennet Steve Bennett M.Sc. 2006; Ph.D., 2010  
Adam Schneider Adam Schneider M.Sc. 2008  
Former Postdocs (and where they went after leaving)
Luke Govia Luke Govia
Olivier Landon-Cardinal Olivier Landon-Cardinal
Hugo Ribeiro Hugo Ribeiro
Yariv Yanay Yariv Yanay
Alexandre Baksic Alexandre Baksic
JR Souquet Jean-Rene Souquet
Wei Chen Anja Metelmann
Nicolas Didier Nicolas Didier
Matt Woolley Matt Woolley
Yingdan Wang Yingdan Wang
Wei Chen Wei Chen
Former Visitors
Patrick Hofer Jan. to Dec. 2015
Andreas Kronwald Andreas Kronwald Summer and fall 2013